Dating Etiquette Q&A

Do I still need to open doors for her?

Yes! It’s polite and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Win some easy points and open those doors.

Is it okay if I ask her to meet me at the restaurant?

It’s always nice to pick up your date, but it’s definitely okay to meet her at the restaurant. It’s the 21st century, so we know she can drive herself and you’ll look good if you ask her what she prefers. After the first or second date, it’s a good idea to start suggesting you pick her up, to shift the romance into a higher gear.

Does the guy have to pay for a date?

If it’s a first date yes, yes, YES! Make it a real date and pay for the first date. If you want to go Dutch after that, discuss it with her, but one of the main differences between hanging out with a friend and going on a date is who pays. Some women will even offer to pay for their dinner if they are not interested. Once you two have been dating a while, then it’s safe to expect her to start taking care of dinner. She may even pay for yours too!

Is it okay to ask her to come to my place after the date?

On a first date, don’t ask her to come back to your place. Don’t even do it on a second date. Your home is an intimate and private place for you. Be sure she is someone worth allowing into your intimate space. You’re looking to get into a relationship, not just to hook up, right? Women, this advice is for you too!

Should I bring her flowers?

Some men may think flowers are cheesy, but they’re not. Flowers are a kind and thoughtful gesture these days. Gone are the days women expect flowers. Give her a sweet surprise with a beautiful bouquet. 

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