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" If you're looking for love and/or new single friends, definitely try 8at8 or their sister company 1on1 matchmaking. I met my husband through the service! Looked at their store front countless times as I sat at the traffic light at Roswell Rd and West Paces Ferry and finally picked up the phone to join. It was super easy and the best decision! Once I joined 8at8, Jennifer got me involved in some 1on1 dates and that's how I met my husband... less than 2 months later! Couldn't be more thankful to her and Sara Kathryn for a fantastic experience. Don't hesitate in making this investment in YOU and true love! "



" Had so much fun! Great experienced. Well organized!"



"I recently returned to the dating scene and found out how difficult it can be to meet people with similar interests. After looking at many of the online dating sites, I became bored with viewing the same faces over and over again. I knew I needed to explore other options.

A friend of mine told me about Eight at Eight and stressed how it provided an avenue to meet people with similar interests. I ultimately decided to sign up. After speaking to an ‘Eight at Eight’ associate, I quickly realized that the service provided more than just eight dinner dates. The associates are genuinely interested in finding out what type of person you would like to date. Physical and social qualities as well as commonalities are reviewed so that you can be matched with the best possible dating prospects.

My experiences so far have been enjoyable. I not only spend time with new dating prospects, but I even get to try new restaurants that I didn’t even know existed. Even if I don’t have a romantic connection with someone, I do have a great time with everyone at the table. In some cases, we have gone out again as a group after dinner.

Thank you, Sarah Kathryn, Margaret, Lindsay and Jennifer for making my dating opportunities easier to find!"

" I would definitely recommend this service as way to meet new people in the city. It was a great way to try new quality restaurants, especially for someone who was new to area such as myself. It was also great way to meet some other professional singles in Atlanta. I have even been on a couple dates with ladies I have met at the dinners."



"Just a note to say what a great time I had last week! I've signed up for next weeks Ri Ra dinner and look forward to it! Please feel free to put me where ever there is room, LOL! I liked everybody that was there and really enjoyed the conversations, it was not boring!! "

Thanks Again, Joe


" I think 8 at 8 is a GREAT opportunity, especially for those in their fabulous fifties!

"I think Eight at Eight is a GREAT opportunity, especially for those in their fabulous 50s!

Why I think I — and many others — have been striking out in finding romance:

If you've been single again for a while and have tried to encourage family and friends to think of singles they know and introduce you to them, that does not always come to fruition. I find that most of my family and friends are married — happily married — and they just do not think in terms of "who do I know and why don't I put in the effort and energy into introducing two people who may enjoy meeting?" Even the most well-meaning of your loved ones live in the world of married couples and your needs are not top-of-mind.

From my perspective as a female, it also seems like people put in far more effort to match men up with women than the converse. Not sure why, other than men (who may know the most single men at work, etc.) just don't see themselves as matchmakers. Women (who may know the most single women at work, etc.) seem to enjoy matchmaking more. So, that’s pretty much strike one, because family and friends rarely if ever help you in the romance department. That’s why I find Eight at Eight so helpfu — it’s their business. They do this every day and they do it very well.

If you've been on online dating sites, then I probably don't need to say much more. You've either found it to be worth the risk and are successful in at least communicating with someone on some level, and progressing to actually meeting them (or, more likely, you are not).

I fall into the "not" category, but more than anything, I found this method to be exhausting and not worth my time. Personally, I couldn’t care less about most of the match-worthy qualities that these sites claim to use. They did not work for me — and I’d rather have a trained human looking for some commonalities on my behalf.

More than anything, I want the opportunity to meet someone face to face and determine if there may be some chemistry than just accepting "He likes to play tennis too!" Honestly, that’s about the level of matching I got online. So, for me, online dating was strike two. Instead, for less than $40 per group dinner date, I get to enjoy a fun night out, delicious dinner, and a group date that’s different every time.

If you've also been to Meetups and singles events, then I hope you're very outgoing because you’ll need to "work the room." I am not at all shy and really enjoy chatting and getting to know another person; but, at the larger events, you've got to really work that room hard.

Eight at Eight, however, is an event that has been carefully planned out and scheduled. The opportunity for candlelight dinner conversation in small-group setting is far more appealing for my taste. I felt more at ease being myself during the whole evening because I was spending enough time with other people. Each of us got to be comfortable, to open up, to see and be seen, to share different dimensions of ourselves freely. Good-bye to those junior-high feelings of awkwardness and "wondering if he will ask me to dance."
Cattle-call singles events were the final strike for me. I opted for a far classier and more authentic opportunity to meet others and get to know them better, I'll take a more limited matching service which has done their research and found a good person to whom they can introduce me.

I am so looking forward to dinner #2 this Saturday night. I have already had a date with someone from dinner #1 and really enjoyed getting to know him better. My heart is open for what this next opportunity may offer!”



" 8at8 brings to the table quality people in a quality environment. MEMBERs then make the magic happen! :)"



" Eight at Eight is a great way to meet new people in Atlanta while trying the latest new and fabulous restaurants our city has to offer. The matchmakers do a great job of matching your dinner mates so the conversation is never dull. 8 at 8 also provides your first cocktail which always helps break the ice. I highly recommend joining 8 at 8 if you want to expand your network and enjoy a night out with new people."



"Eight at Eight is an excellent way to meet a lot of people in a fun, controlled environment. It enables you to get into a unique situation where you are at a new restaurant with seven people that you have never met before.

"Like anything, it is initially a bit awkward----kind of like the first day of high school, but after everyone has a drink and sits down, the conversation flows.

"I have been on 4 of these dinners, and generally liked them. The crowds have been a pretty big cross section of 30 and 40 something Atlanta. As with any group you are going to have your "duds and studs".

"It’s also a rather easy way to expand your network of friends; and, whether you make a love connection is the gravy. I recommend this service to others, with the caveat that a person’s expectations are realistic."



"I enjoyed myself and it was a nice gathering of people. I had talked with 3 out of the 4 women and could see myself going out with all of the 3. Nice venue as well."


“I had such a good time last night! Our table was such a friendly, thoughtful, outgoing group. I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone! I'm looking forward to my next dinner. Eight at Eight is just such a refreshing change for me, and Jennifer and Hannah Beth were awesome hostesses! Ri Ra was good, and it was nice to have a table in a kind of private section of the restaurant. We had fun! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!

“If you're a guy, this is probably the best way to meet women and have a shot at (a) a full conversation with a female, and (b) a future contact. I've been to five total dinners, and I can't think of a single time where the girls disappointed. They are beautiful, social, and have a lot of the qualities you are looking for. Even if you aren't actively looking for a relationship, the dinners still make for great social events. There have been a couple of times when the table was dull, but that's just how it goes when mixing different personalities. As long as you show up with a good attitude and ready to mingle, you'll have a positive experience. Just know what you are looking for before signing up, and keep expectations in check.

“Eight at Eight dinner club reminded me of sitting at the "misfits" table at a close friends' wedding; seven other professionals with good food and good atmosphere. I've had some great conversations, dined at some terrific places and even met someone special. It's a casual low pressure way to kickstart your evening, even if you don't meet someone immediately. The staff does a great job matching tables and picks good restaurants. It's a good, constructive alternative to meeting new and interesting people, especially if you enjoy great food as well.”

"I had such a good time last night! Our table was such a friendly, thoughtful, outgoing group. I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone! I'm looking forward to my next dinner. 8 at 8 is just such a refreshing change for me, and Jennifer and Hannah Beth were awesome hostesses! Ri Ra was good, and it was nice to have a table in a kind of private section of the restaurant. We had fun! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity."


"It was such a coincidence that Scott and I met through Eight at Eight. Scott's sister convinced him to sign up and my sister convinced me to sign up after seeing Eight at Eight featured on Oprah. The dinners were always low pressure and a nice way to just have a dinner out as a single person with the hopes of meeting new friends or even my future spouse. Fortunately, Scott and I ended up meeting each other. I sat across from him at dinner and heard enough that I knew I wanted to learn more about him. Through Eight at Eight, we got into contact with each other and the rest is history. We have two beautiful children and I couldn't have imagined I would have met anyone more perfect for me!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!! I had such a good time meeting everyone at my table. The whole night was fun and very relaxed."

"My first 8 at 8 experience was great! Our group of folks got along very well and we all acknowledged that we had an awesome time. Some people didn't bring business cards, but I still got everyone's numbers just in case. I can't really think of any improvements; it's just a great idea that works!"

"I was lucky enough to meet someone extremely incredible at my first Eight at Eight dinner. Lorraine and I have been going out ever since. She is very special. I greatly appreciate the opportunity that Eight at Eight has provided."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner last night. The food was excellent, and the company was great as well. Our table hit it off. Matter of fact, we are going to have a "table reunion" in a couple of weeks for Happy Hour."

"I am happy to report that I no longer need your services and request my name be removed from your mailing list. At my first and only Eight at Eight dinner I met a man and our relationship has been wonderful. We do have dreams of a future together and I can't thank you enough for your excellent work."

"It has been a long time since you have heard from me, but I am happy to request that you remove me from your mailing list. The downside of doing such good matchmaking is that you lose customers! At my last Eight at Eight dinner I met a wonderful woman who I will be dining with for the rest of my life! You will be receiving our wedding invitation in the mail soon and we hope that you will come (because it's all your fault!)"

"Hey, no improvements necessary. I enjoyed the dinner and meeting new folks. Actually, the only problem is that all the girls were interesting and attractive - what's a guy to do?"

Happy Couples

Happy Couples

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