How It Works

Eight at Eight works for singles

We match members on:

  • > Age (and the ages you want to meet!)
  • > Professional Level
  • > Education Level
  • > Children
  • > Smoking
  • > Backgrounds/Hobbies

Held weekly throughout the city on both weeknights and weekends, each dinner is facilitated by a hostess. Her role includes greeting guests, buying the first round of drinks, introducing everyone, arranging the seating, and making sure you get a separate check at the end of the evening.

Our dinner packages are priced based on location. If you want to view upcoming dinner events and see dinner package pricing, please fill out our brief profile on-line. *click here to fill out our brief online profile.

After you fill out your profile, you can purchase dinner packages online with our secure credit card process. Take the first step toward meeting great singles and having enjoyable dinners today by contacting us at: email and phone.



“Eight at Eight is a great concept. I say concept not panacea in that they set up a great situation, match common people together, and then provide you an opportunity — you still have to do a little work yourself!

“I have attended several dinners and have always been pleased with both the venues and the dinner-mates. Interesting people, relaxed, fun conversations, great food, and, of course, drinks! They make the whole ‘dating’ thing fun once again, and not impersonal or cold.

“Go ahead and try it — you’ll like it! I haven't met Mrs. Right quite yet, but I have met some incredible, friendly, interesting people that I would never run into on my own and certainly not in some random noisy bar.”

“I have had a very positive experience with both 1 on 1 and 8 at 8. The matchmaking professionals were just that; professional, helpful, informative, and they did a great job of selling their business and me to other clients. I would recommend either service to those who are tired of traditional on-line dating, and who would like to meet a variety of women in safe, fun environments.”

“8at8 was a wonderful experience for me. I have been to many dinners and have had 2 long term relationships as a result of their matchmaking skills!”

“Eight at Eight is a great way to meet new people while trying the latest new and fabulous restaurants the city has to offer. The matchmakers do a great job of matching your dinner mates so the conversation is never dull. 8 at 8 also provides your first cocktail which always helps break the ice. I highly recommend joining 8 at 8 if you want to expand your network and enjoy a night out with new people.”

Happy Couples

Happy Couples

Find out what some of our many happy couples have to say about their 8 at 8 experience and how we helped them find true love!

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